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Monday, August 3, 2009

Do me a favour Mr. Postman? :)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Ms. Envelope

Flew in all the way from UK babes! :D
Fuiyoh, bet you girls don't wanna miss out!
Psst, they have only one piece of this baby!


Item: Gucci Sukey

It might be only a replica bag, but babes...
Look at it properly, it's still pretty, no? :D
And the best bit of all is, it's only RM80!!!


Item: Chic & Fun

So bright and colourful! Love the chain details too!
It sure does accentuate your outfit for the day! :D


Item: The Glitterati

The name of the bag reminds me of Nuffnang.
Nuffnang labels their VIP bloggers as Glitterati's.
And hmmm... Let's see... Tying it in with this bag...
We see Glamour spelt all over, yes my darlings? ;)


xoxo, ROOM 8008
Item: No 5

Chanel inspired sling bag, babes!
You've gotta have one already can!
I personally have 3 of these kind. :P


Item: Vintage Cutie

Checkered in blue and black, this is a real beauty.
Shapes like a postman bag, don't cha think so?
Very vintage yet at the same time, trendy!!! :D


Item: Little Cafe

Oh pretty! Super duper vintage! :D
We haven't seen one like this yet, no?
Don't wanna miss out, vintage lovers!


xoxo, Winkstick
Item: Leather Satchel

Something closely similar to one found at Topshop.
But of course, wayyyy cheaper if you get it online! :)

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