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Monday, May 11, 2009


This Special Feature is brought to you by:


A newbie in town! Woohoo! And what do they offer us?
I can go on and on with the list, it'll not come to an end.
But it's important to note that they are selling BAGS!
Yes, bags, bags, bags, bags, and BAGS only!!! Woots! :D
My grin is this big, can? I know you're as excited already.
Let's begin! But oh, you have to click to enlarge the picts.

Marc Jacobs Inspired Quilt Chain Bag.
Pheww, that's a mouthful for a name. :P

I know the quilts and chains are a big hit now.
So this is no exception as well, right babes? :D

Comes in black, white, pearl pink, metal blue, pearl red.
That's quite a variety for you to choose from, yesss? ;)
I personally prefer pearl pink most! :D Yes la yes la!
I know I'm a sucker for anything pink, so I can't help it.

It's made of superb quality leather.
Don't have to worry about that bit. :D
Because the feedback she got was awesome.
But because so, it's slightly higher in price.
The quality is as good as F21 and Topshop.
It's just that she don't have a brand for it yet.
So you're pretty much paying for what you get.

Next up... *trails off* Make a quick guess! :D


The Chloe Inspired Paddington Lock Bag.

Yes, the one that we keep spotting on celebrities!

*screeeeeamssss in excitement*

Issshh! *slap slap* Why is Miss TLF so dramatic?
I am trying my best to retain my over-the-moon joy.
I see pretty-looking bags and I cannot help going high.

Even chocolates don't give such a good effect.
Or alcohol for that matter. I am serious, can?

Ah ha!!! This is my favourite among the lot!
I know right! You're sick of my purple frenzy!
But you just gotta agree with me it's so chic! ;)

Both bags are priced at RM139. :)
And may I add on, 'Strictly No Nego'.

If you have any inquiries or doubts, feel free to shoot how many questions you wish at Autumn, the friendly lady behind Pochelicious.

I've spoke to her a couple of times and she's really really nice. So don't worry girls, she don't bite. She can be easily reached at pochelicious@gmail.com. Or you can head on over to her blogshop and leave her a message at the chatbox. :D

Here's the link again:

Oh, can anyone guess what Pochelicious means?
If you get it right, she MIGHT be able to offer you...
Say some discount? Or a rebate? Or free postage? ;)
Don't quote me on that, alright? I said MIGHT only hor.
But I'll speak to her. And see what I can get for you babes.

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