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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Carry.

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Sweet Ribbon

I know right, it's shoooooo sweet! *babypink*


xoxo, Forever Only You
Item: Polka Dotsies Speedy

Speedy babies in retro polka dotsies yo! Stylish much!


xoxo, Style Influx
Item: Quilted Tassle Bag

They bring to you more quilted bags, can? :)
The quilts are soooo in right now we must have!


xoxo, My Topshop
Item: Pastel Purple

Remember my purple fetish? *giggles*
This is pastel purple! All the more me likey!


xoxo, Only Branded Replica
Item: Dior Replica

A replica that costs a quarter of the authentic.
Not too sure of the authentic price though. :)
I'm just assuming so don't quote me on that.


xoxo, My Sassy Tank
Item: Giselle

Like I said already a gazillion times. QUILTS!


xoxo, C-Stylish
Item: VS Scribble Alphabets

Ha! Now this is something different yeah?
Gives me the "Whatever, I'm cool!" feel. :P


xoxo, White Label Closet
Item: Emoticons Necklace

MSN COMES TO LIFE!!! Me likeyyy much. :D
I know this isn't handmade but it's toooo cute!


mariam said...

may i know the price of this bag.

1.Esprit Leather Bag
2.Sweet Ribbon
3.Pastel Purple

anyway nice bag..;)

Luxurious Fashionista said...

Hi there, I am merely a reviewer. Kindly proceed to the blogshop, where I've linked above in my post to purchase the bags. Thank you! :)

mydressingcloset said...

Hi Mariam,

The Esprit leather bag is selling at RM79 but it is currently reserved by another buyer. If you want to be in the waiting list, pls email to mydressingcloset@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Little Missy said...

Hello Mariam.

Sweet Ribbon is RM49 including shipping ^^.

Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D