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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our destiny.

Item: Biker Chic
Colour: Black
Price: RM48

Gaya. Does anyone know what gaya is in English? :)
Glamourous? Trendy? Whatever it is, the bag says it all.

Item: Kelly
Colour: Brown
Price: RM49

All you got to do is to fold it, and tadah, you got a clutch! ;)

Item: Marie
Colour: Pink, White, Black
Price: RM78

Zippers and strings. Very chic-sy, no? Me likeyyy!

Item: Trendy Bag
Colour: Yellow
Price: RM49.90

Mummy, I spotted a giraffe. I did, I did. I really did! :P

Item: Bag 02
Colour: White, Brown
Price: RM35

Well, what else can I say? Super affordable.

Item: Oppsy Daisy Casual
Colour: Black & White
Price: RM54

Steal! Steal! Steal! It's nice and trendy can!
Absolutely caaaannntiiiiik, no? Me likey much! :)

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