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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Put your hands up!

Item: Furry Baby
Colour: Pink, Brown
Price: RM26

Oh me god! So cute! Look at it babes! Wowwwie!
Won't you just fall head over heels these darlings?

Item: Lacey Clutch
Colour: Pink, Grey, Gold, Maroon
Price: RM30

Don't fancy a clutch but love this baby? Fret not!
You can also sling or carry as a handbag! Woohoo! :D

Item: Bag Scent
Colour: Pink, Brown
Price: RM79

I like the way the material of the bag turn out looking oh so nice!
This is definitely not your typical handbag. Nice to own one, no?

Item: Chocolate Basket
Colour: Brown
Price: RM79

Now now, this is unique. It has a big ribbon on the front.
Never seen any bag that is designed the way this is before.
And it's made of PVC, darls. Absolutely sweeeet! Yummmm!

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