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Monday, January 26, 2009

Now that you've got lots of ang pao money...

Item: Stripey Red Make Up Bag
Colour: White & Red
Price: RM14

Whoah!!! That's super duper cheap, no?
Me likey. It's stripey. It's cheapie! It rhymes!

Item: Her Metallic Ribbon
Colour: Metallic Greyish Blue
Price: RM38

Now, that's a super bark STEAL!
Heh, don't blame the ultimate Bolt fan. *big grins*

Item: Her Baggiepedia
Colour: Assorted as shown above
Price: RM30

This is even more a super duper steal! :D
And I uber love the name of the bag. Baggiepedia.

Item: Coco Quilted Chain
Colour: Black, Baby Pink, White, Red
Price: RM99

Item: Fashion Bag
Colour: Black, White, Silver
Price: RM22

STEAL! STEAL! STEAL! Too cheap, girls! Woots!

Item: Anna Sui
Colour: Brown, Black
Price: RM30

Classy, no? Very worth it for such a sweet wallet. :)

Item: Glam Bag
Colour: Brown
Price: RM64

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