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Friday, December 19, 2008

More bags for you girls! :D

Item: Swing It Like Sandy
Colour: Dark and Light Brown
Price: RM49

Me suka the shape of the bag, what'd you think? ;)

Item: Metallica
Colour: Black, Blue
Price: RM58

Woohoo! This is very unique and amazing looking. :)

Item: LV Inspired
Colour: Pink
Price: RM45

This bag can change its shape. Go check out how! :)

Item: Cute Button
Colour: Black, Rose, Brown, Cream
Price: RM42

You can't get this cutie pie from anywhere else.
Simply because it is brought in from Ireland. WOOTS!

Item: Design 2
Colour: Black
Price: RM35

Looks like a pair of glossy pants with belt, no? Hawt! ;)

Item: Sweet September
Colour: Lilac, Navy Blue
Price: RM50

Wake me up when September ends! *lalala*

Item:Clutch It
Colour: Black, Pink, Checkered Brown, Gold
Price: RM35

I'd say these clutches are gorgeous, no?
Personally love the checkered brown one! :D

Item: Black Bag
Colour: Black
Price: RM35

They've got plenty other designs and colours. Check them out!
If I review all of them, this will seem like a never ending list.

Item: Thug-A-Lug
Colour: Black, Purple, Green
Price: RM44

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