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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just for the feet

Item: Foot Petals
Colour: Black, Pink, Yellow, Silver
Price: RM19.90

Had had enough with blisters and pain but yet...
Still want to stride along the street proudly in heels?
This is the solution to put a stop to the pain the killer shoes cause!
Why endure pain when you can go without, right girls?

Item: Gorgeous Lacey Heels
Colour: Cream, Vintage Brown
Price: RM62

Item: Guiselle White Heel
Colour: White
Price: RM70

Look at the front part of the shoes. Special, no? ;)

Lush Serendipity

Item: Nicole Pumps
Colour: Brown
Price: RM45 (RM40)

Now, if you're a returning customer, I'd suggest you GRAB it! :P

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