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Monday, November 17, 2008

Te amo = I love you! *hearts*

Item: Evita Chanel Inspired Bow Knot Anklet Boots
Colour: As shown in picture above
Price: RM150

This pair of oxford pumps are the most adorable pair I've ever seen. So elegant and classy, yet so simple and cute. However, as much as I am a shopaholic, I cannot succumb to such a pricey pair of boots. My budget for boots and shoes are below RM100, so yeah. I have my principles and I guess I'll have to let go of my desire for this pretty pair. But if you don't mind spending a bomb on beautiful shoes, go ahead and grab one!

Item: Cherry Berry Ribbon Pump
Colour: Cream and Pink Ribbon on Black Shoes
Price: RM128

I cannot resist posting this up. Just too pretty. :D
And of course, Te Amo have preorders for bags too!

Item: Chanel Inspired Bag
Colour: White , Black, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Orange, Silver, Purple
Price: RM145

Well, Te Amo charges at quite a high price I've got to say, but the things they bring in are really pretty and gorgeous. If you don't have budgets like me, go on ahead and grab this lovely goodies! :D

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