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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I've been hopping around, blogshops after blogshops looking for attractive yet simple and affordable bags. This Missy Bag is one of the cheapest blogshop for preorders. Worth a peep at her shop, but I'll firstly tempt you before you head over! :P

Item: Very Gucci Inspired Tote
Colour: Black, Yellow, Pink, Green, Red, White
Price: RM25

Minus off the two zeros' and you get one very inspired Gucci tote bag. Cheap, simple and nice.

Item: Small button bag
Colour: Pink, Yellow, Beige, Blue, Brown
Price: RM27

Comes in a variety of colours, this bag is so affordable. Not too small and not too big for a casual outing. Just perfect to bring along to catch your favourite movies at the cinema! :)

Item: Paris canvas tote
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM28

The design is so girlish, feminine type, no?

Item: Rainbow coloured bag
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM29

So bright neon coloured bag! Me likey. Match it with your beach dress and carry along for picnic.

Item: Bag shoes
Colour: Blue, Red, Black
Price: RM30

Stand out from the crowd and be special with this bag designed to look like a Adidas shoes!

Item: Very Gucci Inspired Number 2
Colour: Black, Red, White
Price: RM39

What with the scarf, this is very Gucci inspired. Walk around town with it and nobody's going to be able to tell that you bought it for only RM39. So elegant and classy, can!

Item: Rucksack
Colour: Pink, Yellow, Beige
Price: RM40

Tell me, when was the last time you carried a rucksack, girl? I can't remember, seriously. I need to get one of these to bring to uni. To bring back memories of the school days. *laughs*

Tempted already girls? Hurry up and head over to Missy Bag! :D

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