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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More and more bags! :)

Item: Retro Yellow Speedy
Colour: Yellow and Black prints
Price: RM55

Looks like Giraffe prints, no? *cute-cute*
But whether or not it is, this is one of a kind.

Item: Bottega Veneta
Colour: Cream
Price: RM160

This bag made of superb quality soft leather flew in all the way from Italy. Comes with a mathing mini pouch too. After the long haul flight, I bet it needs a little pampering. Girls, I'm sure you heard me. 

Item: Elegant Purse
Colour: Red, Black, Bronze, Brown, Maroon
Price: RM29

Spell E-L-E-G-A-N-C-E with me, girls! ;)

Item: Jimmy Choo Inspired Saba Bracelet Hobo
Colour: Black, White, Blue
Price: RM80

I hear the name Jimmy Choo and I go "ARGHHHHH!"
That's because I love Jimmy Choo's product. :D :D :D
Only they're a lil over-priced for me (yes, and my budget.)
But these are only RM80 and they look awesome!

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