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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1 shoes, 4 bags.

Item: T-bar Jelly Wedges
Colour: Black
Price: RM70 *steal*

I love the love of this pair. Sounds so yummy and edible! :P
Apparently, Topshop is selling them too, but for 5o POUNDS!

Alright, let's get back to bagsssss! :D

Item: Snoopy Tote Bag
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM10

We don't see much bags like this around, right?
And come on, it's only RM10! *steeeeeeeeal*

Item: ala Chloe
Colour: Black, Orangey Red
Price: RM42 (after %)

The name of the bag says it all, no?

Item: The Preppy Princess
Colour: White
Price: RM38 (inc. postage)

They're having a year-end sale so you know what to do.

Item: Shoplifters Muse 2 Bag
Colour: Purple!, Black, Brown, White
Price: RM65

Me and my purple fetish won't die just yet. ;)

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