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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I ♥ Vintage. :)

Dedicated to you vintage lovers out there. :)
The new in-trend with price comparison.
I hope this helps you girls out there! Teehee!

The cheapest by far, selling at RM45 only!
Even better if you're a returning customer.
Cox then you're entitled to RM3 discount. :D
And best of all, ALL NOT TAKEN YETTTT!!
Hurry up and GRAB GRAB GRAB already!!!


They are not far away at RM47.
But only two colours left babes!!!


Everything you see above goes for RM50.


xoxo, Winkstick

The one on the top goes for RM40 only girls!!!
Which is the CHEAPEST among the lot already. ;)
The ones below that comes in 6 different colours...
They're going for RM55 each. I like number Three. :D


They're going for RM65 and RM75 respectively.
Something different from what the rest are offering.
But still very much vintage, yes? Teeheehee. :D


A tad bit more expensive than the rest at RM85.
But if you notice, they're different in size and design.
That pink one on the far left is so simple yet classy.

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